Friday, January 27, 2012



French Valley, CA – Today marked the closing of the saddest chapter in Temecula history since the Native Americans here were thrown off their ancestral land two centuries ago. The killer of Elizabeth ‘Bipsy’ Amirian, one of the valley’s most gifted artists, was officially handed his sentence to begin serving immediately with 1079 days credit. 

The murdered singer/songwriter/graphic artist was genuinely loved by everyone who knew and met her, both inside and out of Christian circles, save one. Though unconventionally Christian and a Messianic Jew, Bipsy could hold her own in any type of conversation, something that Paul Bahou, political writer for Smash Magazine, found out the hard way. Simply put, she was the last Bipsy.         
The trial of Mickey David Beauchamp Wagstaff, the witnessed killer of Bipsy, started while I was up in LA at Occupy LA and attending today’s sentencing left me to gather some information I missed being out of town.

·  Mickey’s twin brother killed a young man (manslaughter) at nineteen.
·  Mother Wagstaff tried to break in to the shared storage the day after Mickey was arrested on the pretense that her son was sick and needed something urgent from the locked unit. The storage manager refused.
·  The entire family packed up from Pala and moved to Pennsylvania 3 months into the trial.
·  The family Wagstaff has never once said ‘sorry’ or acknowledged any remorse for what Mickey did criminally though there was never any doubt as to who the killer was.
·  The twin brother only showed up when he testified as a witness.
·  After the question of the religious faith came up, the sect packed the gallery the next day, never to return again.
·  The next time Mickey talked to detectives after initially admitting he killed Bipsy because he feared losing her, he tried to claim it was a mercy killing since her life was ruined by his rape and her past baggage [Bipsy was divorced].
·  The grisly details of the crime scene stabbing.

True to character right to the end, Mickey Wagstaff tried to manipulate the situation by requesting his character letters be read in court, which the judge denied as there was no latitude in altering the sentence and since Wagstaff had not a single person in court on his side in the seats. Another maneuver was to start a rambling diatribe after lamely saying that he was ‘sorry’ to Bipsy’s side of filled seats. Isaac, Bipsy’s youth minister brother, cut short that attempt by saying what we were all thinking, “Thank you, now shut up.”  
Jacob Miller, who was introduced to his fiancée by Bipsy, gave the most elegant oral testimonial of the emotional impact statements voiced. Perhaps the most telling moment of just how gruesome this stabbing death was came when the seasoned justice admitted that even he was at a loss for words to offer after a memorial video was shown mixed with stills and the recorded Full Value Entertainment / Java Joz show.


After the tears and Kleenex, the judge read the sentence of ‘life in prison with no chance of parole’ and Mickey was marched off to begin the first day of the rest of his life. A book about Bipsy is being polished and shopped around for a publisher. Keep it here for all news Bipsy. 

RIP, forever 27 Bipsy, you are missed every day. Peace

Update - Bipsy made and released the CD Battlecry, an artful example of Bipsy's natural talent. The style is neo-classical with a hint of Goth, for a unique musical blend from a young artist exhibiting what is known in the scientific word as synesthesia. You can purchase/sample the CD here

The music is "Hauntingly enchanting" - PT Rothschild. 


  1. Thank God justice was served. I've waited a long time to hear verdict and Im glad he was given life. How dare he take away the angel of Temecula Valley...the angelic voice of such a talented and gorgeous woman of God. I was devastated when I found out my friend had been taken from us to early and I dont think I'll ever be the same...not fully. But the fact that that rat is in jail gives me peace.

    1. WELL SAID.. anyone, and everyone, who was privilege to just meet her, will never be the same. That is def. a fact. I'm thankful to Bipsy's amazing family, and for being able to attend the hearings, down to the last, and tell mickey, to his face, that Bipsy will never be silenced. S.I.P. -Bipsy

  2. She truly is missed so much!!!Listening to her music make me cry...Bispy you will always be remembered Love you RIP Angel

  3. Bipsy, you are truly missed. The world has a Bipsy sized hole in it. God bless, you, angel. You have given the world something that only you can give. I would say rest in peace, but I know you are dancing and singing with the angels.

  4. I went to Bible School in Columbus, Texas with this beautiful soul. She came and stayed a weekend with me and my family. She was an amazing person and I still get choked up when I think off all she went through and how her life had to end. I don't always understand, but I know that her music and her smile will forever live on...see you In heaven Bipsy.

  5. I just watched a show about Bipsy. She seemed like a beautiful person. The man she was engaged to was mentally ill and his church then his parents kicking him to the curb just pushed him over the edge. I think his church and his parents are just as responsible in Bipsy's death as this psycho is! I'm a Christian and I believe in God but God would not want a pastor to kick people out of church for asking questions. My former minister welcomed and embraced questions, it was his way of teaching the word of God. I know Bipsy is in Heaven with God, smiling down on those who love her. R.I.P. Bipsy.

  6. I just watched a program about Bipsy and she seemed like a beautiful soul. She was artistic and expressive. So what if she had tattoos?? This psycho was mentally ill and his church then his parents kicking him out just pushed him over the edge. His church and his parents should be held responsible for her murder as well! The church kicks her out for asking a question?!? I am a God fearing Christian and my childhood minister welcomed and embraced questions as they were a chance to teach the word of God. The minister that kicked Bipsy out sounds arrogant to me. I know Bipsy is in Heaven with God, smiling down on those she knew and loved. R.I.P. Bipsy

  7. Fanatical religion is SO dangerous.What a nightmare for Bipsy's family,I am so sorry for your loss.

  8. I was introduced to Bipsy's story when I watched the TV program, "Happily Never After; Unholy Matrimony" and had to purchase her CD "BattleCry". Hauntingly beautiful with a nice variety of musical styles of 3 instrumentals and 9 vocals with lyrics enclosed. The lyrics give you a glimpse into Bipsy's unique style of Chrisitianity as a contrast to her killer's fundamental legalistic hate driven exclusive Christianity. Her beautiful voice is even more enjoyable with the overdubbing of her voice and her keyboard talent is memorizing especially when you consider she was self-taught at time to escape the cruelty of her father. Drums, accordion and guitar are added to some of her songs. I bought 3 more CD's to share with my children and my spiritual teacher (Don't tell them; they haven't received them yet. :))