Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Temecula, CA – This esoteric report is sandwiched between our Dr. Steven Greer bookends of cosmic discovery because of two reasons. The first reason is something that Arthur C. Clarke said a long time ago that gave me pause when I stopped to really analyze what he said, which was after he had worked on 2001, A Space Odyssey, possibly.

The second reason was something that Jack Herer wrote also a while back.

“As you will see the Book of Revelation is a story of the transformation of the world from a world of oppression fueled by religious prohibition* (the curse) and driven to the brink of destruction before there is a great leap of understanding that frees the world, releases the curse, and heals mankind. The Tree of Life and the Fountain of Living Waters are the cores of the new world. Plants are the true source of healing and this is made clear. The great spirit of evil and oppression is the spirit of prohibition and the minions of evil are those who accept the mark and attempt to vanquish freedom forever under the guise of truth and law.

The WAR ON DRUGS is the great battle waging between truth and the great lie. Those who are on the side of oppression will find themselves as those who have accepted the mark of the beast.” - Jack Herer, pages 268-9, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

Friday, June 10, 2016



Temecula, CA – With the reemergence of the story 'Sugarcoating The Bare Essentials' back into the Top 7 during my Spring Break, it was time to repay a visit back to the East Coast and see what those literary ladies who love reading pulp fiction out-of-doors so much, were up to.

The first time we looked in, the women were going through the unicorn syndrome. This is the WTF look almost anyone receives walking around in the buff. As you may recall, the liberty loving libertines usually found a spot away from the Lookie Lous, opting to enjoy their sunny solitude. In the winter, well, what fun was that? No one was around. But that was a few years ago and if there's anything we know about New Yorkers, they are resilient, as opposed to being jaded like the west coast.

Seeking approval to update the west coast fans about outdoor reading and artful political action, cough Moms, the first change noted was one in the locals' attitude. The group has been making the rounds, so to speak, and New Yorkers have moved on. You might even say that now they fit right in.

But you know how it is, sitting in isn't necessarily fitting in for anyone with a knack for reading pulp fiction, those steamy paperbacks written when some things were still sacred. Join us after the jump, provided you are 18+, like smart women without guile, and always wanted to be part of the first couple to the floor at a dance. We see in pictures the birth of a notion that would make Daniel Webster proud, and blush. Presenting the latest page to the O.C.T.P.F.A.S. saga.

Sunday, June 5, 2016



Temecula, CA – Back in the day when Fingerlights and Dippin' Dots were on local kids' minds, I was one-half of the duo nicknamed 'The Dukes of T-Town'. The other half was a mover-shaker who was a huge Muhammad Ali fan, once buying a 3D metal engraved portrait of the Louisville Lip to hang in the upstairs office game room from one of those traveling vendors that hit the industrial area of Diaz Rd.

Upon seeing this, well, you guessed it, the senior Duke had a tale to tell, since I had also come from the country's 4th most segregated city [according to MSN recently]. So as he finished hanging the piece up and stepped back to admire the portrait, I said,

“I remember watching Ali knock out kids when he was 12 on a show called Tomorrow's Champions on Channel 3 back in the day. Also my mother taught at the same elementary school he went to, Phillis Wheatley*. Did you know his name wasn't always Muhammad Ali?”

At the last comment, AJ being a Muslim, pulled out a chair for me at the conference table before hollering down the stairs, “Cancel my one o'clock!!”

Saturday, June 4, 2016



Temecula, CA – For those who live outside of California, some say we have only one season here on the southern west coast, summer. And though that named season has a special meaning now to me, we actually have four seasons like the rest of the country. There's mud-slide season, earthquake season, when the Lakers win a championship it's riot season, and finally there's fire season. Fire season started today in the valley.

Shortly after noon a wildfire broke out in the foothills south of Temecula in the vicinity of what was to be Liberty Quarry. Response was full-on with firefighters and planes. Traffic on the freeway was a parking lot for about three hours if you were coming north from San Diego. Going south to Oceanside? No way, Jose.

More pictures after the jump, because there's more to this story. You see, Sports Fans, my phone rang around that same time.

“Meet me around Hemet in the Mistletoe. This is Deep Throat.” click.