Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Temecula, CA – Once again we bring you the true word of God, the One who gave us the Sixth Commandment, not the one who Oks drone bombing, civilian sanctions, believes in modern science over nature, or the use of geo-engineering of food and sky. 

Reading the true Word will fill you up on complete knowledge and wisdom, like organic food, not like a Happy Meal that leaves you wanting real nutrition. Also reading this edition won't cost you a penny, another difference between here and there. 

In this part we learn about the source for all ills and woes, a source that continues to pollute the world still through physical means, cough Monsanto, along with explaining why the God of the Old Testament seems so different from the one Yeshua speaks about in the New Testament. Jesus, is the name given to us just like marijuana has been named for cannabis, the actual name. Name change means control of, like a trademark. Just saying.

Perhaps the most telling section in this part is the Sermon On The Mount, given here unedited, that shows the promised hope that has been the mainstay of believers down through the centuries until the 'God Is Dead' and 'Live Life Abundantly, He Wants You To' con of today's world. The gathering storm clouds show the planned for days approaching, so after the jump there's a ray of unedited sonlight to see the truth by.

Monday, July 18, 2016



Temecula, CA – The lyric goes, “Once in a while you will fall, but it's all, in the game.” The line refers to the 'game of love' or romance, but the lyric could also refer to the Game of Life as I saw when I went to Burning Man in 2008. Having heard about 'the man' since the 60s, your concept of the man really depends on who you are and where you live.

For me, this reality crystallized as I watched the awesome wooden image high atop a platform burn, amid explosions that you could feel wind concussions from. The flames dance on your eyeballs, especially if you found the girl with the baby carriage and the cooler full of chocolate covered magic mushrooms. Sitting there with 50,000 other people out in the desert like a Jew in the Sinai, the concept of what the Man burning was supposed to symbolize came into focus. The Man wasn't the cops, the political system, or even the Establishment. But the Man is real, by way of alchemy.

Being in a camp for a week with no money system in place, yet having a functioning society, albeit temporary, is eye-opening, and you understand that The Man is the Image in Daniel 2, the image of money/commerce [in Daniel] or mammon [NT, Matt, Luke]. Later you see that the golden calf which doomed many Jews in Moses time, is the same Bull guarding Wall Street, all grown up. In fact, the 'In God We Trust' on our money refers to mammon, the same god that billions go to Sunday prayers for and Friday worship service is dedicated to. The Jews on Saturday are under a different offense and won't be covered here. How did this happen and how does it work? After the jump, but you knew that.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Temecula, CA – Most readers probably don't give a second wonder about how I seem to be at the heart of my share of valley and world news. Ditto that for GMO and cannabis cause news, but here's the thing. I met John Diaz [Label GMOs] at Occupy and got my recommendation a month after OLA got rolled up. I was reporting positive medical marijuana reports long before Full Value Review morphed into the Temecula Calendar, so how I did I gain “I'm with the band” status from the MMJ crowd long before I wrote Memoirs?
Author, PT Rothschild, and Memoirs book editor, Jeff Bradford
Amazingly enough, that question is itself answered in my first person narrative written in 2001 after quitting my 'other woman' around since I was 20, Mary Jane, who I later took back and gave the Christian last name of Green to. At that time I predicted I would need to begin my tale at the start of my association with the plant now embroiled in a conflict of greed, so people would believe that what I said will come to pass wasn't just a lucky guess.

This 20 chapter running pop culture history can be broken into three Acts as it reveals how the social, sexual, economic, cultural, and esoteric elements of cannabis, in the form of marijuana, can affect your life as an asset, not a liability. The following selection showcases four of the five aforementioned attributes about pot in the span of 72 hours and takes place approximately one month before this Calendar story but in the same river city of Davenport, IA, circa 1980.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Temecula, CA – As the people in state government [Sacramento] tent their hands like Monty Burns and say, “Excellent,” to their plans for controlling cannabis [marijuana] come November much like Hillary Clinton's presupposed November victory, the natural all-encompassing usefulness of cannabis continues to expand on a individual remedy basis, especially into the non-combustible arena.

Recently an old friend sometimes mentioned in past music scene stories from Temecula's Golden Age of music contacted me with the news of his brand new medical marijuana recommendation. His full story is found here but suffice to say that Tuesday suffered from all the negatives of smoking cannabis [pot] so smoking the stuff was out of the question. Through readily available peer studies, eyewitness recommendations, and pamphlets, Tuesday came to know that cannabis tincture could help even after his insurance-covered regular doctors/counselors were advising either prescription drugs or the tapering-off approach. MMRSA seeks to close this avenue for the citizen and place recommendations into the hands of insurance-covered, Big Pharma paid, drug-dispensing regular practicing doctors that have no background in herbal medicine. Cannabis is a herb [Gen 1:11, 29-30].

Since the Captain is expanding his repertoire into the non-smoking arena of cannabis, as are a number of readers out there, this report we give you a new way cannabis is can be beneficial and how to make Canna-butter for those who like to cook at home organically. We'll also throw out some websites so you can be smarter than the average politician who looks to practice medical marijuana without any experience, cough, quack.