Thursday, March 30, 2017

SPIN-OFFS: a look back at the Temecula New Music Scene 2000-2010


BSC, CA – No, you didn't blink and miss Parts 2 & 3, it's just that to really understand the original music scene around the valley during the Golden Era is to know it wasn't just because there were 2000 bands in a 25 mile radius that was the key. Like gas vapor in a carburetor you needed that spark. In Part 1 we spoke about the fuse combustion combination of three people. This part called Spin-offs has to start off with one of those 3 architects, William 'Bill' Gould, Jr.

It should also be noted that there was another common ground between me and the young, aka underground or political kids in those days besides music – The Simpsons. Almost like drawing a fish in the sand was being able to drop a Simpsons Show quote and hearing a snicker from a young person that got the 'in' joke while everyone over 30 snoozed on. Other influences included a long love of live music [see Memoirs] inspiring new bands.

This CD recording of a live performance with four or five band members was Bill's first band, and featured a song not unlike my last day of student teaching a gifted class; the fourth wall was broken in a way that truly touches you with surprise. Track #5 was a song not only about me, but it also bore my name [later tied into the title of Memoirs]. This song may have come from a question Bill asked me one day in the very late 90s: Should he follow a commercial route or a musical desire? My advice, do what you like and the money will come. He started a band with a girl singer from Kansas, a transplant - Jeney Kingsbury.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017



BSC, CA – When I was growing up back in the 50s, three things weren't talked about openly in the black community; a creepy in-law you didn't want to sit on the lap of, homosexuality (illustrated through comic relief in Wedding Crashers), and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. In those days you were turned out [homeless] only if you were a girl and preggos, otherwise, you were family even if you had to live in the basement. Of course if you poor, there was always a landlord between you and being homeless.

Those Southern values ring true in Iowa, a state also with basements and cellars where a majority of Memoirs takes place. Also some hocus pocus. But I now live in Southern California, a place with no basements or cellars unless there's wine or beer connected. The country has changed a lot in attitudes towards homosexuality [some areas more than others] while single motherhood seems a normal thing given the constant war side effects, prison system privatization, shrinking construction job market,and the drugging of the country through prescription meds, powder drugs, or both. The landscape of America has changed, and not for the better.

Recently where I live, in Temecula, CA, two homeless people in town were 'rescued' by the authorities. One made the front page of the PE Thursday weekend free ad-zine that features 4-5 stories and ads for the weekend. The other made the police blotter. One is at least 60 years old and the other is 27. After being rescued, one was given food, shelter, a place to shower, sleep, and rest up until his family arrived to take him home, out of state. The other got 3 hots and a cot. His trial comes up at Southwest this Wednesday. One is a Christian, can you guess which one? Details after the jump.

Saturday, March 25, 2017



BSC, CA – Though I believe the plea for a 'teen place' for music is real, the idea that anyone, especially those coming from some state not known for music beyond a star or two, can jump start a local music scene here without knowing the valley's musical back story, is ludicrous. A simple research into the definition of a scene via George Plimpton will yield the 6 rules of a genuine scene. However, you can do the tour with me as we start Part 1 in illustrating the Golden Age of new [original] music [by signed/unsigned artists], the true birth of the modern valley music explosion.

The music here in the valley took a long time to fuse with many false starts and sputters, unaided greatly by the powers that used to be unfavorable. But once the fuse was lit, it stayed lit, and on a warm March night, a lot warmer than it is this March, a Wednesday night became the high water mark of the valley's ignition of music.

This night in March was highlighted by an [over] sold-out show that featured Ruebens Accomplice, HelloGoodbye, Limbeck, Steel Train, and London Colours. The year was 2005 and the night ended with a band-signed poster that read “Thanks for one of the Coolest Venues in Southern California. We love you guys.” [Heart] SteelTrain

Thursday, March 23, 2017



BSC, CA – After killing all the Japanese Christians in Asia by nuking its only two Christian cities, then speculated to have caused the tsunami [H.A.A.R.P.] that unleashed Fukushima in retaliation over the island nation government's push to investigate 911 [DARPA alleged], it now comes to light that America, in the form of Monsanto, has poisoned another generation of the nation's children. Fellow activist crusader and SuperMOM, Zen Honeycutt files this report, shining a different light on the current Russian, Chinese, and NK resistance to America.

“I expected to go to Japan to speak about Moms Across America’s work and warn mothers of the health risks of GMOs and toxins so they could avoid them. Considering the Asian diet, I was sure their health was far better than ours. I was shocked to discover that Japanese, [S]Korean and Filipino children health issues had far surpassed American children. Over 15,000 moms gathered to hear me speak in 5 locations, where I learned why the crowds were so large. 

Japanese children have developmental delays 2x higher than the US. Korean children have autism and developmental delays 2-3x higher. According to the Autism Society of Philippines, at least 1 million, or 1 out of 33 children in the Philippines had been diagnosed with autism in 2014 (more without healthcare are likely to have symptoms), which is far worse than our current 1 out of 68 children. I was crushed. I was Angry. I was Outraged.”

Monday, March 20, 2017



BSC, CA – Tis said the stock market is a humbling place, where even astute investors make many mistakes. William A. Ackman, a billionaire before he hit 50 and a master investor is a prime example of an Inside Job who is in the California spotlight now because of an insider trading suit happening here. The type of behavior is indicative of those like Sean Parker, another billionaire prevented from his inside job by a different billionaire. Crazy times and seemingly no country for a deviant man.

Today, things are very different for William A. Ackman. His company’s performance is way down, he is in the midst of an expensive divorce, and on March 13, he and the investors in funds run by Pershing Square Capital Management swallowed a $4 billion loss on Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, a beleaguered drug company. Big Pharma shot a wad. Gulp.

A little over two years ago, William A. Ackman, was one of Wall Street’s brashest and most self-assured hedge fund managers, and Valeant was a big Pershing Square holding. But several months after May 2015 Mr. Ackman and his investors began riding Valeant’s shares all the way from $262 to $11, driven both by rival investors who had bet against Valeant’s shares and former fans who dumped the stock as bad news emerged.

As much as Mr. Ackman and investors in his $11 billion firm would like to close the book on Valeant, they cannot do so quite yet. That’s because of a Valeant-related lawsuit in a federal court in California contending that he and his firm violated securities laws in 2014. According to the plaintiffs, Pershing Square secretly acquired a stake in the pharmaceutical giant Allergan based on nonpublic information from Valeant that it intended to mount a takeover bid.

This is not just any lawsuit. Damages in the case may be $2 billion, as noted by the judge who certified the litigation as a class action Wednesday. Mr. Ackman’s lawyers, who in court hearings have put potential damages at less than $1 billion, are vigorously contesting the case and contend there is no liability.

Defendants in the matter, which has not received a lot of publicity recently, are Mr. Ackman, his funds, Valeant and J. Michael Pearson, the company’s former chief executive.

The case is entering a crucial stage. Court documents indicate that Mr. Ackman and Mr. Pearson have either been deposed by lawyers for the plaintiffs or will be questioned under oath soon. The documents also show that Mr. Ackman must set aside 12 hours to answer questions.

Mr. Pearson was the architect of Valeant’s business model, in which the company acquired drugmakers and jacked up prices on their products. Mr. Ackman, 50, is one of the country’s best-known activist investors — taking large positions in companies and trying to use that weight to influence their direction and decision-making. Initially, Mr. Ackman praised Mr. Pearson’s strategy of acquiring rivals rather than developing drugs internally.

Mr. Ackman declined to comment on the mistakes he made in Valeant or the lessons he gleaned from the loss.

In a statement, Pershing Square noted that the firm “has generated billions of dollars of profits for its investors and double the stock market returns since the inception of the firm inclusive of our large loss on Valeant.”

“Unfortunately,” it continued, “we cannot guarantee that every one of our investments will be successful. We regret the loss which occurred due to Valeant board and management decisions made prior to our active engagement with the company. Over the past year, as members of the new board of directors, we have taken important steps to stabilize the company, including replacing prior management, which positions the company for a better and more profitable future.”

(Story link for original source and full article here. *- Beverly Hillbilly speak for 'shallow')

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



BSC, CA – With Ash Wednesday beginning the 40 day official start to Easter, a celebration not found in the NT [KJV], it was time to revisit an Italian restaurant I ran up on a while back owned by another guy named 'Pete', actually Pietro in this case, for Lent*.

It was rare day when I wondered inside the cozy atmosphere of Trattoria Toscana one afternoon after the lunch rush with some time to kill. The visit prompted several more but never a review until now because it was a bucket list story. As the end of an era approaches, I feel more a Morgan Freeman than a Denzel every day.

The restaurant area is reminiscent of a cafe in coziness but the more sedate d├ęcor brings a better setting for enjoying well-prepared food [all Italian, prepared by real Italians from the Isle of Sardinia] in those hidden gems outside Wine Valley. The Old World ambience comes via a fetchingly similar story to Ric, the Italian who owned The Vault [First Season]. When you read about the Isle it makes you wonder what could ever cause a person to leave?

Like Riccardo, it was love at first sight, or first bite, if Pietro was cooking for his American tourist.

Friday, March 3, 2017



BSC, CA – As the last days wind down for this reporter's beat, the political territory covered over the years has been vast and varied, but it's time now to distill it down like a prime Kentucky bourbon, for this story is aged like such. The 3 men listed in the title have more in common than just a song. Can you deduce what that commonality is since this is the second part to The Mark of The Beast?

In the first part we saw how 'money' and the idea of it, is really a form of mystical servitude from our Strong's Concordance definition of 'mark' from the NT beast connection. You are either a slave to it or a slave for it. But a slave nonetheless. The concept of the money system comes from Nebuchadnezzar, see first chapters of Daniel, KJV. However beyond the invention of the system, this King was sent a dream which cryptically reveals what the system really is. And who.

Money is the system of blood energy for the god mammon*, the god of money who is only mentioned 4 places in the Bible [Matt 6:24; Luke 16:9, 11, 13]. While this is hard to envision, once again Hollywood comes to the rescue with the visuals of Dr. Strange's enemy, Dormammu. Same form but with different metal sections, ie., head [gold]; upper torso [silver]; down to the feet [petrol dollars]. Satan and Jesus both come from off-planet, either wholly or in part, but mammon is an earth god symbolizing ownership and control through the use of money, his blood energy. As Prince of the Air, Satan is mammon's Darth Vader hence the 'earthly' material enticements ['temptations'].