Thursday, June 29, 2017



BSC, CA – As I sat comfortable in the kitchen, brown as a berry after two weeks at a church summer camp out of state, my aunt popped in the doorway holding a pair of pastel lavender jeans that she had just found in unpacking my camp suitcase. Being doted on is one of the perks to being an only child. Usually it was a plus, but not this time.

When you are 12, a kid, you tell the truth. Since I couldn't recall the camp girls' names, or which girl those jeans belonged to, though I knew they belonged to one of them, I answered, “I don't know” to my aunt's question about the jeans [see part 1]. Then I quickly followed up with, “You see, there were these two girls [I intentionally left out race] I met at camp, and we were friends.”

Professional models used for illustration

Then seeing the look on my aunt's face of disbelief, I added, “Nothing happened.”

But my aunt was always the Raymond Berger to my Perry Mason. “Were these two little black girls?”

Monday, June 26, 2017



BSC, CA – “On the road again” go the lyrics to a Willie Nelson hit the redhead in Memoirs used to sing when we would hit the trail to some adventure. Lately after moving to Riverside, that refrain has been crossing my mind a lot. And as luck would have it, I was able to combine two trips into one. So after a commute up to LA it was back down to Santa Ana for the Vendor Days event on Saturday.

This report we look at the difference between customer share markets. Recently in our stories we covered the glyphosate issue [still undecided by OEHHA at press time] which is now regulated by Prop 65, which covers carcinogens. After the jump we look at the customer education environment for Mothers Market, a store idea to provide real, read organic and locally sourced food products to the public for 30 years, approximately.

We also look at the fuller picture as activism goes beyond the hype of new products when our story shows it isn't only GMO seeds that cross-pollinate. In our case, it's all good in the neighborhood as knowledge is power but connection is the key. {Ed note – the pictures used in the run up story to this event were shot at the Laguna Woods Mothers Market location. We apologize for any confusion.}

Friday, June 23, 2017



BSC, CA – Yep, it's that time again. Time for Vendor Days at the Mothers' Market located in Santa Ana this Saturday. All Mothers stores have these events when you can get free product samples from selected store vendors and coupons to boot. It's best to check with your closest Mothers as they vary from store to store.

The vendor reps are knowledgeable about their products and honest in a way that Whole Foods is not. Mothers, as a store to carry 'real' read, no GMO ingredients and local sourcing did so long before it became cool, or was known to be healthy. 

The event should run from around 10AM until 1PM and will include a raffle for goods in gift baskets. As a vendor of sorts, dispensing GMO info and Dr. Bronner products, I feel honor bound not to participate but I can tell you, the raffle is free and worth the trip just in itself. After the jump, some more photos from the last Mothers in Santa Ana Vendor Days.

Thursday, June 22, 2017



BSC, CA – New readers may wonder how I can speak of religion and magic in the same breath when to many people anything not from the church must be from the Devil. Being churched, I might have grown up the very same way, except my first magical encounter came via the church. It was in my last year as a kid. This time the next year I would be 13, a teenager in puberty.

It was also my first year of public school integration. The 6th grade was my first full year of attending class with white kids. It was 1956 in Louisville, Kentucky. Adult blacks and whites still remained socially segregated but the law of the land had changed on my shift. No more safe and secure within a sub-culture where my family held some status and renown. My world had shifted, opened up to a much larger world view. I could sense this.

I decided to test the boundaries of this school catercorner to the corner house I grew up in. From first grade to fifth, I walked to a school a mile or so away while a grade school existed just across the street I couldn't attend. Now that was changed. For a month I had my own general store, selling bubble gum, wild cherry cough drops, Lik-m-aid, and other assorted goodies I bought just to sell at school before class at a slight markup. It was a month long venture before they ended it. Also shortly after the school year started and I was placed in the back row though I wore glasses, the teacher peeped me holding hands with a cute blonde girl across the aisle. That happened on a Friday, by Monday her family had moved out of the district. Life was moving fast. I did not want to grow up. I wanted to stay a kid. Like a reverse BIG, puberty is when magic can happen; just before you turn into a teenager, while you are still pure in heart.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"Communities Rising - A Story of Courage, Creativity, and Contribution!” -

BSC, CA – Hot off the press is the release of the first MAA movie documentary, Communities Rising. Put together from footage shot by the Honeycutts and narrated by Zen, the mom featured in the At The Zen of the Road report, the film is a front seat look through a mother's eyes at a fight hundreds, if not thousands, are waging daily for the good of humankind.

As you watch this courageous family led by an angry, protective mom once the culprit of her brood's maladies is discovered, it is important to remember that this is only one of many stories in one of many causes against the evil kraken that threatens us all. God knows all the stories; I know a few; and now you will see one, because it only takes one story to show the cause and effect to bring forth one's personal valor.

At present there are a plethora of big stories, but when you look at the skies, the food, the water, and Matt 24:19, the battle for humanity is the biggest story there is. I feel blessed to have this bullhorn today. The following video presentation is approximately 45 minutes long, fyi. Make the jump when ready.

Sunday, June 18, 2017



BSC, CA – As the movie Wonder Woman thumps The Mummy remake at the box office, real wonder women like those in the lead-in shot for No Safe Fate are performing real acts of wonder by being involved for the sake of principle. In the Bible this is named agape, and it is not found in everyone, nor is it found without a cost, but when you sprinkle in a little destiny, a wizard like me gets to tell the tale.

Join us as we tell a tale and walk through the park, a park aptly name Spreadlove.

The story begins in the Big Apple like a modern day fairy tale. Two people in town meet at a dance in the Lincoln Center. The guy, who approached a group of women announced, “I came here to dance. I don't want someone who wants to dance, I want someone who can dance.”

And the music has played on ever since.

Thursday, June 15, 2017



BSC, CA – The public comments concerning the safe daily limits for glyphosate now set at 1100 micro-grams when 1 PPT [part per trillion] has stimulated breast cancer cells in vitro. The chance to comment here ends at 5PM, June 21. Six days to save the planet, starting with press time the number of comments stood at 9297, 3 shy of 9300, well shy of the 1,000,000 comments needed to rock the vote.

The limit for glyphosate appears to be set with an influence from ALEC, the conglomerate of lobbyists who really write our laws, like the one to put a cell phone tower on every fourth telephone pole making the grid a gigantic bug zapper, except we are the bugs. But more on that in another report because fighting that law requires a different tactic. For now the telltale ALEC fingerprint is a doctor on a medical issue who isn't a doctor, a medical doctor anyway. After all, what practitioner would say a little amount of rat poison a day is safe? None is the answer. That would be against the Hippocratic Oath.

This NSRL limit of 1100 Ug is outstanding proof of government regulation, agency law, and why this type of government is unconstitutional [people are unaccountable to the voters, like royalty]. But it is what it is, and really it sucks to be those agency people. Who knows where their 'formula' to determine this amount of glyphosate came from and how the figures were massaged to reach it? Even though I sat in a roomful of learned people, not one piped up and said, “Hey, you didn't carry the one.” The government tried to baffle us with bullshit, aka tobacco science.The ALEC touch.

After the jump, the 9297th reply that proves this is tobacco science. And thank you for smoking.