Wednesday, August 23, 2017



BSC, CA – Well Sports Fans, I was gonna title this story The Red Bag of Courage because that's what I'm packing, supplies for the weekend starting on Friday with my usual activist group and a Greasy Spoons show again at Ruby's. This is so fresh that I don't need to put a link for you. The Greasy Spoons are still trending. One listen and you'll know why.

And if you haven't guessed it, the Gem Faire is back at the Costa Mesa [OC] Fairgrounds which means it's time to catch up with the other activist cause leaders. Also the Gem Faire runs the weekend so that's why I'm packing my red travel bag. Calling the bag 'Courage' is a story for another time, as things unfold in the present. Details about the Gem Faire will follow after the jump.

But before we jump, please to remember that the Gem Faire weekend pass $7 per, allows you access to whatever event also being presented, a double-header, as it were. This time again it's the Flying Miz Daisy Vintage Market that's being held this weekend. Details of this fascinating collection of vintage vendors and food booths [products and eateries] concerning those hours are also after the jump.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The R in Fire is Riverside

Smokey T. Bear Must Live Here -

BSC, CA – In the short time that I've lived in Riverside, I've been around more wildfires than my whole 23 years around Temecula. Here is a picture of the latest one from just a week ago.

By now it may have a name, if it was reported via mainstream media, including local mainstream media. Since I work outside those bonds of infotainment [Thank you, Homer Simpson] I can't say.

However, given the clues that I see around me, the only conclusion I can draw is – Smokey The Bear must live in R-Side. Make the jump as I state my case.

Monday, August 14, 2017



BSC, CA – It isn't often that you get to start a music show revue that sounds like a health inspection from Hugo of Bob's Burgers but everything happens for a reason, so by the end of my story you will know why if things weren't dreadful, there would be no greasy spoons, and that would be a shame for mandolin lovers.

You see, Sports Fans, of the five musicians playing this evening, four of them play together as the Dreadful Bad. The two elder band members, frontman Joel Morse [banjo] and Dave Ellner [guitar] were responsible for Greasy Spoons members Brian and Sean getting hooked on the Americana genre in the first place.

Somehow it seemed like you were transported back by an era or two, listening to a style of music that is all acoustic when talent, not feedback, was king. All this and being surrounded by old railroad photos in a station built when rail was king, made for the perfect setting to see/hear traditional music descended from Ireland.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017



BSC, CA – The Orange Farmers Market band, Greasy Spoons, one of several in rotation at the Saturday morning meet just a few blocks away from the town train station just off the west Chapman side of The Circle at Orange, will be ditty-ing up to the bar at Ruby's Diner, 186 N. Atchison St., the train station depot restaurant this Saturday evening.

Doors are free and open about 6:30 pm. This is an all ages show because the music is real, not background for getting lucky. The two bands in the show feature the members of the Greasy Spoons and friends of their musical circle. The music genre is Americana, sorta country without the twang, booze, and heartbreak; in other words, fun music that puts a smile on your face the more you listen.

The Greasy Spoons, a member more since their debut album release, Stealin' the Show, normally play covers at the Market shows with ear-catching arrangements. The CD presents the band in a more intimate coffee house setting, being a duo for the album. The Market shows present an expanded sound with the cover's remembered familiarity adding its own fill. The Ruby's show should be that next level since it will include even more musicians and originals, plus this is closer to a venue show. There is also excitement to playing an encore show, which this is. When you listen to Stealin' the Show you hear a solid foundation; good picking, catchy lyrics with a twist, and sweet arrangements.