Saturday, November 18, 2017



BSC, CA – When I first started in the new music [unsigned bands, all-ages/no alcohol] scene, I made the decision to be a reviewer, not a critic. It is the same with this series on obesity in Riverside, a problem that is now exploding beyond Riverside, and California, in America. You are less likely to see this phenomena if you drive a car and use social media when out and about. You may also be a person unaware of this, like with chem-trails. Unless there is a sequel call, this will be our last report in this series about Riverside food.

It must be stated in qualifying the intent of this piece that people come in all shapes and sizes, naturally, so this report is for those who eat the commercial, mainline brands from the commercial mainline corporations, as well as those currently or ever enrolled in the National School Lunch Program started in 1946. It became corrupted in 1946 but this report will leave the politics aside as much as possible examining only cause and effects, plus the whys.

People made obese by food additives, traits that can be passed downed through generations, are as much victims as those called sluts. However, today's women are coming to know what has and is shaping their world. They will be victims no longer. Round people are next! And now, the final segment from a story which started May Day concerning a left wing hijacking. Turns out, I got hijacked too by what I saw. Now our conclusion. Jump.