Saturday, January 6, 2018



BSC, CA – It was another road trip for that other dynamic duo, Juanesto Fuego y Amigo, professional outside agitators in league with others who fight for our future – the kids. This is cosplay-for-real, with the role of a costume traded for a true life story and a noble heart as your power battery.

Though official legislation* is the reason for our rally gathering to kick off the idea of that legislation, casting an eye for said sponsor and visiting our governor as constituents was sought as well. The reason: paid corp lobbyists, cough, Monsanto, among others, kiss up early in the year to introduce crafted lies for profit over people projects.

After a day of reaching out to every State Assembly person and Senator who maintains an office at the Capital with the campaign promise from everyone's staff to pass it along [meaning almost no one refused our info sheet flyers**], we were tired because real life isn't Gotham City. However, if our life is a comic book in some yet-to-be-discovered CERN attempt, this rally was the chance to meet a real Justice League; heroes who are super in their efforts to wake up California and America/the World to the dangers of Glyphosate, now Prop 65 certified.With emotional eyewitness reports and homespun ditties from artists who write from the heart, we delivered justification and made fond new memories with the next generation.