Monday, April 30, 2018



BSC, CA – With today's lexicon of letters taking the place of words, a kind of geek speak, we are used to them meaning disorders lately, ie., ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and the like. So today's question, Sports Fans, is are you RCRCD? You could be if you live along the 91 going to Orange County.

Once again my Lois Lane-Spidey Sense has landed me right in the middle of a story for my lead-up to our Mother's Day post, Why We Love Moms. You see after you read what RCRCD is, you might become infected.

By the way, the gentleman in the lead-in picture is a doctor, but not a direct reference to either story title. He is intricate to this two parter that started with an ice cream shop flyer announcement from CAP just a day after I saw Avengers Infinity War. BTW, Marvel's best!

Friday, April 27, 2018



BSC, CA – 420, this April 20th day of celebration actually started for me months ago when I spied and shot the Dab Cats picture. I couldn't believe the luck [?]. Getting permission and a guarantee to crop out identifying features, I snapped two frames. Then I forgot all about it as the rest of the pictures were on a completely different topic, hint: “for those who have eyes to see...”

When I got back up after my nightly refilling of the feeders on this 4/20, I had a loose plan for the day and the rough slant of the subject I wanted for the day's story outline. I didn't want to go over the meaning and history of “420”. In fact, I didn't want to cover any of pot's past. With the legalization of Prop 64 and Cook County's recreation vote in the coming election cycle, the future is what should concern all of us on both sides of the coin.

From small gatherings to out and out 420 parties, I have hit them all back when pot was on the down low. Now cannabis is legal, like ice cream, and that ripple is just rolling out across society. This wave isn't separated by a generation gap. For every oldster vaping like a cool stud in the shadows, another is a sufferer of MS gaining relief from its debilitating effects by juicing fresh cannabis leaves in a passive protocol. These aren't cases I read about either.

Thursday, April 19, 2018



BSC, CA – In the 13th Century the Catholic Church declared that animals have no soul, paving the way for the Titled to hunt any game for food or sport with a clear conscience. Because of this action many people believe animals a lower form of life to be studied or experimented on. This is an erroneous view and though my witch ex-wife brought the point home with the menagerie of animals that lived with us, it was my pen pal that got me into birds, hummingbirds, that is.

Having gotten experience with feeding hummingbirds when I lived back in Murrieta, that resume plum landed my current residence stay in Riverside. However, where before I was care-taking one feeder up on top of a windswept hill, moving to R-side tasked me with 11 feeders in the front of the house and a single feeder under a backyard trellis in a neighborhood with old trees. Now I needed a program to tell the players.

Heading into my first year with the new location's hummingbird scene has opened my eyes to the larger dynamics of birds and bird groups. Even with my sometimes travel schedule leaving the little critters high and dry sometimes, things were on an even quell until I made friends with a pine siskin in the backyard one afternoon. Accidentally, I had ushered in a regime change like an occidental tourist. Now I needed to fix the situation, if I could.