Sunday, May 13, 2018



BSC, CA – Our featured picture would not be here except for my mom, my magical mother. I have been involved with the civil rights economic boycott of the downtown stores to open their lunch counter to blacks, called Negros, in those days. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had come to town earlier that year, see page 64, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

The Easter boycott named Nothing New For Easter [button motto] shut down a main conduit of revenue to Louisville's white merchants because 'black folks' love to sport their stuff at Easter. Hundreds were arrested in the months we protested. All my friends were, many more than once. My family never got wise until one day six weeks into the daily protests, there was a photo-opted National pic showing staged black protestors because the real protestors were all high school students [the real news], I never missed a protest, and I never got arrested or photographed once. At this time I did not know that one day I would be a wizard.

Though there was a dust-up the day my family found out, the moment passed, thanks to my grandfather, and my protest attendance and unblemished police record stayed that way. No one seemed to notice but I told my mother about it because it was 'very lucky' to me, and we were buds, she being 19 when she bore me. At the start of the summer another protest issue came up; integrating the local amusement park, our wonder warf, Fountain Ferry Park. I got the call and got ready to go over on my bike. My mom asked, I told her, and she gave me her blessing. The picture above resulted. Where am I?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018



BSC, CA – Today's report topic is aptly named to point out everyday instances that reflect the tragic reality of this Matt 24 generation and why JC said to be aware, and hold on, I'm coming [Sam & Dave].

The other day I came to the intersection at Blaine & Canyon Crest. Riverside has audible signals that indicate the walk sign is flashing and lit using a small domed speaker on the selected direction traffic pole. A young college girl was waiting to cross in the same direction as I, across Blaine. Blaine, which can be busy certain times of the day, hardly had any traffic this time of morning. The young woman was not on her phone or wearing headphones. In fact, she just had a small backpack on.

The light changed and the signal went off, but the green light was for Blaine, not Canyon Crest the direction we were both heading, her for campus and me for the bus stop. And then, just like Pavlov's dog, the woman stepped into the street and preceded to cross Blaine, against the light. Reaching the other side, she reminded me of my mother's saying, “God takes care of fools and monkeys.”

Friday, May 4, 2018



BSC, CA – In 1895 Riverside, CA, was the state's most prosperous city. Since that time many things have happened; assassinations, A-bombs, Roswell, GMOs, even the cycle of being in, then out, to back in vogue for the world's mightiest plant, but through it all the skill set taught the world by the Ancients for growing food has never fallen out of grace. We organic machines have to eat, and sleep, sex is optional.

Throughout California there are repositories* of agricultural practices that are constantly being studied and upgraded, then recorded for those in the area to read and become a part of in passing down the close-to-the-soil results. In Riverside County, that agency is the RCRCD, or Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District which oversees the Riverside-Corona Conservation District. The RCRCD office is located at 4500 Glenwood Dr. in building A.

With a small table and information booth set up at the beginning and end of the bird watching trail, I looked at the literature available to the general public. After the jump we present a selection for our readers' perusal plus a link. It must be again noted that the CAP grant for last fall's arroyo area cleanup resulted ultimately in this two part article.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018



BSC. CA – If money makes the world go round, death makes the spin stop and you gain focus. When you have animals around, you have to expect death to pop in now and then.

I live with two dogs, a big dog and a small dog. The big dog is astute; the small dog is an attention whore, and a pain in the ass. Neither dog is mine but the small dog is a train-wreck, and a killer. Had the latest kill been the gopher whose presence has been detected, that would have been a good thing. But no. this kill was an opossum, an animal that eats cockroaches and other pests to people.

The landlord identified the dead animal and said take care of it. I picked out a nice shady spot, found some dirt loose enough to dig in, dug a hole and buried it, after saying a few words over the grave. For me, I figured that was it. It isn't often that I have to perform as a pallbearer in The Circle of Life. However, as long time readers know, two is my number.