Saturday, June 23, 2018



BSC, CA – Ever since the day I stumbled across Trattoria Toscana, the Italian restaurant owned by chef Pietro Cinus, and wrote my review of the place, there was an element missing that my Lois Lane nose could sniff. This past summer solstice, Pietro opened a connecting deli, an addition that finally added up to what I was missing. At the end of this review, the solution will be given though clues to the puzzle are sprinkled along the way, Batman Comics style.

The very first clue is revealed in our solstice-styled lead in photo above.

Sunday, June 17, 2018



BSC, CA – I was all set to write my Fathers Day comments about the small group of mementos that I have as remembrances of my three sons and the kids I consider my blended fam. It wasn't a self-pity piece but I do lament the lack of time spent around them. But just when you cry about not having shoes, someone comes along with no feet. My phone rang and a dear old friend, read brother, called to say his daughter had died of a drug overdose.

As I sat there getting the circumstances leading up to the tragedy and the back story, I pushed the sadness back as best I could. I have known this person since she was a baby. An acquired opiate use had morphed into a heroin habit, a story told many times in today's news stories. Unlike the young woman in the story, Hillbilly Heroin, this wasn't a party foul. My friend's daughter had started a methadone program.

However, a recent stint in county for two weeks had pushed her into the clean category. Getting out and returning home, she told her boyfriend that she had an errand to run. He said 'fine' as he was going to bed to sleep for his third shift job. When he got up at 11 pm, he found her, a victim of some additive used in today's China white.