Wednesday, October 31, 2018



BSC, CA – The next meeting to decide whether UCR gets to partner with RUSD and build a high school for elites on campus at the detriment to Blaine-Watkins traffic, auguring the local neighborhood, is Part 2. The discussion area on November 1st has been expanded to make room for a larger crowd than before, and is set for Conference Rooms C& D, housed in the building pictured below, a familiar sight on University Ave.

The meeting time is 6PM Thursday [originally Thor's Day before Stan The Man]. Parking is available but this blog spot recommends that you have $3 for parking, just in case. It is also recommended that you arrive early to get up to speed, formulate your input, and be ready to speak in the 3 min window, if you have something to say. This is a hot button issue and the start of November, the run-up to our coming midterm elections.

There is also something in the air about universities expanding their size footprint that doesn't just concern Riverside, not by a long shot. You may think that college is training tomorrow's leaders, but is it really training tomorrow's citizens to be replacements? This is a point to ponder upon as you make the jump. Read the Peyton Place side of UCR. It all begins with No Buses in Super Kmart parking lot.

Friday, October 26, 2018



BSC, CA – The modern era of Dr. Ford's focus on ridiculous data actually started with the Bernie Sanders election crookedness of Hillary and the DNC that took the help of TV expert ex-CNN person Donna Brazile, on the East coast. On the West coast it was KK, Disney, and The Force Awakens with  Round-head Johnson giving movie fans grief over finding fault with his SW movie TLJ. This population segment doesn't believe itself involved in politics, like any cosplay, geek or gamer group, but they are!

The liberal movement to tell blatant public lies and get your way followed with the unverified acts only work if you do not fact check the truth for yourself over the internet, pretty much like Kamala Harris' crime ridden poor district she reps for but lives outside of in a $4.5M house. This truth was followed by Senator 'Indian Princess' Summer Fall Winter Spring Warren [Howdy Doody, for you older readers], who is whiter than David Duke but relied on privilege to move up the Harvard University professorship ladder ahead of actual minorities.

'High cheekbones' doncha know

You may be asking yourself just what this has to do with the UC strikers but as we all saw at the UCR meeting, there is the UCR version; proof that the university has a Cenk Uygur mindset [see vid after the jump] born a Turkish Muslim but renounced the religion and became an atheist worth $5,000,000 by being host of the talk show "The Young Turks" plus his many appearances on television. His very recent debate with Tucker Carlson in LA yielded the critique video. UC, however, is no Rite Aid, a strike also covered here.

Let's look at the conflict first, and please remember, this is the University administration, not the fine teaching staff employed at the state school campuses.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Meet Erich von Däniken

Is Hidden Past Our Future? -

BSC, CA – Eschatology is the study of the end times and what is to come. Most of this study is taken in the context of accepted theologian studies and dogma. What changed the scenario is a non-canon book written by a canonical character, a historical man named Enoch. This is the man whom the empty head setting is placed in the Seder Supper for. Why? Because he never died, according to written history.

Aside from being an interesting OT personage way, way back in the day, Enoch wrote a book which was spoken of but lost until recent times [1800s]. If you lift Genesis and Revelation both from the Bible and then connect those two books with Enoch in the middle, you have the idea of the imagery. However, the book style is first person and you are there. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do.

It is said that the Book of Enoch is too Christian for Jews and too Jewish for Christians, but the truth is the book unites our worldwide buried relics with the Divine from recorded history, and on one such boy of 17, it made a profound difference for many of us to come. In his own words, author and hotel man, Erich von Däniken.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018



BSC, CA – When a great part of your life is on the Mighty Miss, albeit north of the Delta where it all started, there is a commonality between people and music but not between seasons I'm afraid. The blues is a warm weather phenomenon being out of the hot, sweaty South. Riverside's weather Saturday would be a brisk Halloween in Mississippi, hence our Cover Girl.

According to the people I talked to, the amply spaced area had a more blues cruise crowd than a land festival, which is kind of a shame, because the music was hot and the musicians cool. Per quote by blues guitarist Buddy Reed, blues music is about being drunk, broke, lonesome, and working up a sweat, so to speak. That's hot weather stuff and this is October southern Cali, see again our cover girl.

After the jump we pick our best shots from this year's Annual Riverside West Coast Blues Festival. Take a break and enjoy the Fest.

Friday, October 5, 2018



BSC, CA – Blues come to Riverside tomorrow from 10am-10pm in the center of downtown at White Park, a park located off of Market Street. If you at downtown tomorrow, the music should find your ears and bring you to the Fest. Catering will be done by Gram's BBQ, of course. I may be new to town, but I ain't that new. Before we get to tomorrow's set list of artists, as a music reviewer I feel it a duty to give you a brief history of the blues, which came at the heels of Scott Joplin's Ragtime rhythms.

The blues, as a genuine American experience, comes to us through music and literature, all from a common spot during a common time by a common people – poor people. The spot is the Delta in Mississippi. It is the advent of residential electricity, the photograph, the jukebox, radio, movies, and regular passenger rail transportation. This was Liniger's 'blues time 1885-1940. It was when William Faulkner had his genius period of writing occurring during golden age of Delta blues, 1920s-mid-40s. It made the time when Charley Patton, King of the Delta Blues was refining his music to make the genre truly American (white and black, respectively)

With the second generation of blues greats we get a mystical element with Robert Johnson and his crossroads deal, something that James Brown told his living son he also did. While the music could bring you to tears, the price levied on talented young artists seemed to take their toll until Stevie Ray Vaughan. After cheating death, it seemed, he made amends and great music [best ever some said] then went out like a boss after playing a sold-out special show with his brother. The blues is truly American, and it's where The Rolling Stones get their name. Nuff said*.