Saturday, November 24, 2018



BSC, CA – In the 'now for something completely different' category we have the unannounced discovery of the long fabled city of Atlantis. Told of since the days of Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, all mentions of Atlantis, the island, are based on them. The dialogues claim to quote Solon, who visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BC; they state that he translated Egyptian records of Atlantis. Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus.

This wonder of ancient civilization, a cradle of the world of tomorrow, to us of today, it was wiped out entirely in a day. Reportedly located between the continents of America and Africa, somewhere in the Atlantic [hence Atlantis] Ocean, people have searched for the 'lost continent' for centuries, but to no avail. I remember growing up in last century and almost every 20 years someone would come along with a supposed location – ptuff!!

Above map drawing indicates current Pacific Ocean
However, and I have looked online at press time, there is no mainstream announcement of the Isle's location, but it has been discovered. Please hear me out. It has been discovered and in the most unlikely way, but just as Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet [1877-1945], predicted, the lost location was discovered in our day* – now. For those who think comics are worthless, the location comes to us from the new Aquaman movie, based on the DC aquatic superhero. In real life, the location was spotted by satellite, so make the jump for another look at how fiction crosses with real life that crosses with fable, which once was real life. Confused, I hope so.

Saturday, November 17, 2018



BSC, CA – If you haven't seen one of these Birds [below] hanging around where you live, shop, or just catch a bus, either you live where there is snow on the ground or you are not around the happening youth culture; hipsters in LA or college youth, like Riverside. In LA where they may still serve your sushi on a mini bullet train, motorized scooters are expected because LA has everything including hills. In Riverside as a young person campus bound, if you're not strolling, you're rolling. You either pump the peddle or push the pavement, all with your feet.

Lately motors have gotten smaller and stronger. This technology started with the Segue and morphed into the motorized 'hover board'. Most types were banned or at least given a bad rap about. A picture of a model follows after the jump. A little over two years ago, however, the motorized scooter start-up joined the electric bike for city dwellers. Not available in many climates, locales, or even neighborhoods, this is a niche market meant solely for the college youth, hipsters, and downtowners.

Pictured above is the Bird, a brand that appeared almost overnight as if dropped off by an after dark stork. The concept is simple, high tech, and used by savvy youth with good balance and grace. You download an app, plug in your Driver's lic/ID, and authorize the scooter's number in front of you, then twist the key. Hop onboard to ride like you did as a kid, except to look out for traffic since you ride them in the street like a bicycle. It appeared as if the Birds had this nest all to themselves, but you know what they say: “Build a better mousetrap and someone will duplicate yours” - Unknown

Sunday, November 4, 2018



BSC, CA – We break it down and you make the call!

Forget LeBron; plus the Dodgers are fishing now; Hollywood is too into SJWs and Mary Sues, so where's the action now? Not in movies when the real thing is so much better, and not fake, well, half of it. Let's take what is happening right under our noses on the East Side of town, meaning the University Side. We look at the last and final [?] meeting UCR is required [?] to have with their immediate neighbor, according to them. It's a Disney plot; a college steering itself into a 40k student range while at a 22k reality. Last story's 'kitten in panic mode' pic was about a marketing company who makes mundane universities into must-attend schools through branding. This line of thinking* is for people who live in a bubble, or off Victoria St.

So what got the student body leaders riled up about the misguided location and process concerning the ill-gotten idea of placing a high school with upwards of 1200 [800+400] and only dense foliage to keep underage females safe on an adult college campus? Is this Brussels or CERN? All this and more including a breakdown of the 'official' Q&A from UCR/RUSD, and Measure 'O'. Your tax dollars may be at work, but who's the boss? You'll wish it was Tony Danza because the people pushing this venture are displaying NIMBY, a disease found in some mindsets.

Thursday, November 1, 2018



BSC, CA – This is my 3rd wife, a witch descended from England's Little John, well, it is her favorite holiday. When we got married Christmas was mine. In those days there were things just around the corner of your mind. Today these things are manifested so that they are visible to anyone who wants to witness them, because things aren't what they seem, but they are what you see. What do I mean?

I once lived in a magical valley. Most people there knew it was like that, though I was usually the guy who piped that up. Even Ivan, the famous promoter, used to keep an eye on me, and that says a lot. But the organic thing that thrilled me the most was a genuine music scene. A 'scene' consists of 6 features and our little suburb music scene had all 6. Paul Kim, an Asian immigrant who came here legally with his family, saw this scene from a couple of doors away at his family's biz and came to enjoy it, but not imbibe it.

Though the light didn't die, it blinked when a pillar of the music scene was killed by her fiance. Justice was served but we still lost a star, or did we? Looking back it would seem not. Besides the usual metaphysical events following the tragedy, a relic was left behind and later returned to the family who had also migrated legally to America for a new life. The interestingly curious feat earned this artist who everyone loved, the personage of being our music scene Saint. Most of us think of a saint as a ghost and this is Halloween when ghosts appear. At the top of the Halloween countdown is Bipsy, more beloved around here than Casper. But wait, there's more.