Friday, April 5, 2019



BSC, CA – Before the days of CDs, home programs to bring your high quality recordings, and today's 'open mic' opportunities, before MTV even, there were bar bands. Granted, a few drinks and almost any band sounds good on a weekend night, but back in the day, there was one band that stood out because of the members in it. The band membership grew some over the years and also changed a bit, but this band always brought it, left it onstage, and on any given Friday or Saturday night, were 'the best bar band on either side of the Mississippi.'

The Spoonbills, as a name and logo, started the enigma that wove its magic through the years into a force which help kick-start a blues fest that goes on today, give or take a year. So what does the name mean? A bird? A fish? Or something else entirely, like the mystery of Billy Shears? And the two eyes looking up inside the 'o's, against a solid 'blue' moon? When you couple this with the art deco, Bix style, end letters of the band name, what do you have???

Only the Shadow knows, and those who know The Shadow, but I digress. After the jump we look at the life of a band, a show band from the heyday of bar bands who blew your face off and made you jump to your feet.

This is the story of the award-winning Spoonbills...