Sunday, June 23, 2019



BSC, CA – Saturday there was a first ever 'neighborhood fun day' at a church named St. George's Episcopal, located within walking distance of where I reside on the East Side of town. It had been a long time since I set foot inside an orthodox church, but I didn't know much about the Episcopal sect of Christianity. If I was there, it must be for a reason. I just needed to access the situation and wait for that small voice to elucidate.

Riverside is an interesting town. While very large, over 300K, it still isn't overly progressive in that suburban way which reflects its Ag roots. Magic is also fairly spread out and the influence of different groups exists for different locations. This influence is felt at St. George's since this is the most popular saint who ever fought a dragon. Most things of this nature are serpents; dragons are found more in knight or fable stories, aka, magic tales. I wasn't looking for something magical this time, I was hoping to speak to a politician.

Rusty Bailey is the current mayor and seems to have his head on straight, being local and a vet. I was hoping to ask the mayor if he was aware of the STEM high school plans for UCR? Follow-up question: did he know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is being expanded with Art, making STEAM the latest thing in education circles? Also is Rusty a dad with a teenage daughter? 

Thursday, June 13, 2019


ROOTS, Vol. 2 -

BSC, CA – Usually only a super hero gets an origin story, but Wiley Y. Daniel came into Denver like a bolt out of the blue, SHAMAN! Not the creation of some lightning and chemicals, or a mad scientist, it was Ida B. Seymour, a young woman college student at the University of Northern Colorado, who first met Wiley in his second year of Howard Law School, and ultimately brought Wiley to Colorado. In the deal he changed her last name.

As I sat in the Park Hill UMC gym looking at the man in the gold suit pictured on the back of the memorial program and listening to friend, colleague, co-worker, and church member speak to the impact my cousin had on and in their lives, I decided it would behoove the people there to know why Wiley had such an impart. The audience deserved to know Wiley's roots, at least as much as I knew, because they had filled me in on what I didn't know about my first cousin, his Denver side.

Wiley was from Louisville, a different kind of Southern town. It has the country's oldest horse race, and even during the days of segregation and Jim Crow laws, the infield of the Kentucky Derby was never segregated, ever! It was the peoples area to watch the race, together. It was here that Wiley Daniel watched the Kentucky Derby as part of the Louisville Male High School Marching Band. I was there too, as part of the ROTC Drill Team.