Saturday, July 13, 2019



BSC, CA – Back in the day the original mandate was, a) you have the right to know what is in your food, and b) you have the right as a consumer to healthy ingredients over corporate profits. The second part of this mandate was trickier, mainly due to the distance between the people who control those decisions and the people who consume, like cattle, hence the buying public. The middle cattle prod – Moms Across America. Read a label, thank a Mom.

This original mandate was and is a freedom, the freedom for you to be able to do the aforementioned things, especially from the giants. Pictured above are two label pictures taken just a few weeks ago, at a Ralph's showing Heinz products. When the Moms started, those labels didn't exist because the public didn't know and didn't care such things. I was one of those people.

Today I still run into people who either don't know or don't care. There will always be that. You just can't convince everyone of the truth, but that was never the purpose or plan. The plan was to reach the people on the inside. We wanted to reach the people inside the walls that we couldn't reach, face to face, and say, 'Hey, feed us the good stuff because we deserve this as people of a free society. We deserve this because we are people just like you. We want to know what's in our food.' Above and following are examples that show the companies heard and are hearing our voices. Now it is up to the people to act on the listed ingredients and improve their waist lines with more than nutrition.

Saturday, July 6, 2019



BSC, CA – After almost perfect weather through the start of summer here in Riverside, it seems that our good luck may have morphed into having two California seasons at once this year. In an ordinary year, you have your four seasons in California. There is mudslide season [late fall-midwinter], earthquake season [midwinter-mid spring], if the Lakers win, riot season [late spring], and fire season [summertime-early fall]. This year for Riverside, two seasons started almost back to back.

With a wildfire happening just two days before the Fourth of July at Sycamore Canyon, the fire truck pictured above, heads out that way to help stop a brush fire that peaked at 201 acres, more pics after the jump. On the 4th before the fireworks came out, there was a 6.4 'foot massage' [earthquake] that friends back in Iowa asked me about. I hadn't felt that one but friends down in Murrieta and San Diego did. Then today just two days later and less than an hour ago, another earthquake hit. This time I felt it shake the place for about a minute, kind of up and down and back up, in intensity. This time friends in SD didn't feel the shake, indicating a completely different earthquake area.

If it were two fires and an earthquake, that wouldn't be so strange, but two earthquakes two days apart in fire season is not usual. Also two seasons running concurrently is unique, even for California. Makes you wonder what's up?